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If we had to briefly summarize Kezdown in only one word, inertia would be, by far, the perfect term. An inertia feeded, amplified, motivated, magnified… By some various events and elements apparently insignificants, but, ultimately, implacables in the so slow gestation of this musical project.
Non-exhaustive list in 10 improbables marks :
1) The big bang
April 2008 : Keyser meets Cz in an underworld bar from Charleroi, a paradise city belonging to the Kingdom of Belgium. At first sight, nothing in common between these two men.
2) Destiny
April 2015, still at the same joint (a place that has finally become a sort of headquarter for these two depressed persons). Cz whistles nervously the Depeche Mode’s hit « Walking in My Shoes ».
3) Curiosity
Ravaged by alcohol and boredom, Keyser tries to establish a dialogue : « Ho ! Me too ! I like Depeche Mode. By the way, did you know that I was a musician ? ».
4) Disdain
Scathing reply by Cz : « Musician ? You ? Really ? Are you pulling my leg ? ».
5) Generation gap 
Head-butt by Keyser : « Do you think you are intelligent ? Dirty old beatnik ! ».
6) The interest
Heavy kick by Cz : « Other than Depeche Mode, which kind of music do you like ? »
7) Revelation
Unstoppable smash by Keyser : « Joy Division, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb… Electro Body Music in general…  And also many other stuff  you don’t know because you are too old ! ».
8) Temperance
Cz is not a sore loser : « Cool down little boy, I’m a musician too.  
Did you hear about The Breath Of Life or Texas Trauma ? No ? Never ? Well, too young of course. Let me hear your compositions. If I like, I propose you a deal : I’m gonna sing on it !».
9) The promise
The Cz pact : « It’s not bad at all. I’m gonna work on it. In three weeks, there will be 13 songs ready made with amazing lyrics ».
10) Happy end
April 2018, Cz is not a liar. The job is done.
Name of the album : Escape Lane.
Mastering : Len « the sweety Lenny » Lemeire at Implant studio (Zottegem).
Label : Wool-E-Disc.
Available at Wool-E-Shop and Kezdown website.
A music that can be described as Dark/Synth Pop. Influenced by bands like : Fad Gadget, The Neon Judgement, New Order… Featuring untamed synths, 100% new wave guitars and a voice... Cold but warm at the same time (don’t try to understand). 

Line-up :

  • Didier Cz : Vocal, guitar.
  • Mathieu « Keyser » Rousselet : Synths, composer, backing vocal.
  • Gaston Hollands : Drums.